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LOST Is Life

*it's all we live for*

Lost Addicts
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o1) You can post ANYTHING in here that you want as long as it is LOST related.

o2) Please keep the swearing to a minimum...

o3) No TyPiNg LiKe ThIs...it is very distracting.

o4) At this community we respect everyones opinions, so do not go starting an argument just because you disagree. If you do, you will be kicked out of the community.

o5) 3 or more pictures must be behind a LJ cut! *big ones too!*

o6) If you want to promote another Lost community, all of it must be behind an LJ cut.

o7) When you join, in your first post please fill out this little survey so we can get to know you!! Make sure you put it behind an LJ cut and mark it as "I'm New Here", so I can see that you read the rules.

^ Do not paste in rich text!! ^

moderated by emma_must_die
co-moderated by cobain_potter , macker_dacker & myrasis

Lost is Love

butnotquite @ colorbar_elite